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Sam’s Morning Glory Diner: A Breakfast Experience for Introverts

IMG_2952In recent years, a wave of overly-crowded, over-priced, overly-instagrammed breakfast restaurants have flooded Philadelphia (Ahem…Sabrina’s Café…..Ahem… Green Eggs). These restaurants, serving red-velvet this and crème brûlée that, cater to groups of loud friends willing to wait upwards of 2 hours crowded on the sidewalk taking selfies. Morning Glory Diner, well- known in its quiet South Philly neighborhood, offers something different: a breakfast experience for the introvert, if you will. Quiet, humble, and almost exclusively patroned by young families and senior citizens, Morning Glory has a hearty, wholesome menu, the star of which is a warm, crumbly biscuit roughly the size of your head. As a comfort to the socially anxious and the hungover alike, the wait staff does not try to engage in long conversations about specials. A typical interaction will sound something like “Table for one? Coffee? Here’s your menu.” You need only nod, point, and indulge.