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An Instagrammer’s Guide to Philly Ice Cream

Do your friends often ask you “Can I eat this, or do you need to take a picture first?” Have you ever stood on your chair in a restaurant to get the perfect aerial shot of your brunch? Do you value ice cream cone aesthetics over flavor?  (Cotton Candy blue really makes your eyes pop.) If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you just might be the Annoying Food Picture Friend. Accept it and embrace it. You’ve come to the right place. Here at @music2mymouth, we understand that food is no longer just for consuming. For our first installment of An Instagrammer’s Guide to Philly Food, we’ve found the most instagramable ice cream in the city. Here’s where to go and what to order:


First things first. Our hands-down favorite ice cream shop in Philly is Weckerly’s in North Philly. This small-batch “micro creamery” is delicious, adorable, and definitely instagramable. The flavors, the décor, and the cute couple working behind the counter add up to the perfect dessert stop for a Summer date night.

Let’s start with the flavors. Pictured here are Lemongrass Cherry Swirl (bottom) and Cara Cara Chocolate Sesame(top). Although they seem adventurous, both flavors were perfectly delicate and subtle. In addition to a short list of ever-changing flavors, Weckerly’s makes the brick-style ice cream sandwiches that havIMG_6209e quickly risen to instafame. We suggest bringing friends with you for two reasons. First, so you can swap sandwiches and taste all the flavors (germaphobes not welcome). Second, so you can stack the sandwiches up for a melty, indulgent photoshoot.

If you like free samples, you’ll love the staff and owners (who you can read more about here). Not only do they let you sample, they seem genuinely excited for you to test the different flavors. But c’mon yall, don’t be greedy.

What to order: The Black and White ice cream sandwich, pictured here, is our go-to. The soft chocolate chip cookie tastes like raw cookie dough! Before you go, check Weckerly’s Instagram for specials, as they usually have some unique flavors and sandwiches coming and going.

Yummy Yummy

IMG_7376If it’s likes and only likes that you’re interested in, Yummy Yummy in Chinatown might be the ice cream place for you. Don’t blink or you might miss it. This tiny shop on 10th street is serving up ice-cream scoops in Chinese bubble waffles. Inside the shop, you’ll find an extensive list of ice cream flavors and toppings, almost none of which are available to order. Just outside the shop, The Chinatown Friendship Arch provides the perfect background for your insta-famous bubble waffle picture. Is this the most delicious ice cream in Philly? No. Just… no. However, it can definitely fool your followers into thinking you know the ins-and-outs of the Philly food scene. Your secret is safe with us.

What to order: whatever you can get….

….We wouldn’t dare talk about Summer treats in Philly without mentioning wooder ice.

Philly Flavors

IMG_5434We’ve discussed both the delicious and the picture-worthy. The two factors intersect at Philly Flavors, possibly the most underrated (and under-instagrammed ) dessert shop in Philly. With multiple  locations – Fairmount, South Philly, and Center City- Philly Flavors is always within reach. Among their menu items are sundaes, waffle sandwiches, and ice cream cake. The real star of the menu, however, is the gelati. These multi-colored mountains of water ice and soft serve are served in clear plastic cups- ideal for picture taking. Unlike Rita’s, Philly Flavors lets you order multiple flavors of water ice and has three layers of ice cream. Buyers be warned: the portion sizes are massive. You’ll regret ordering anything other than the small.IMG_5704

What to order: The Black Raspberry water ice (make sure you say “black”)  is delicious and strikingly beautiful.  We suggest mixing it with Blueberry water ice and vanilla soft serve for some *intergalactic vibes*.

Happy Gramming, Ice Cream lovers!

If you visit any of these places or think you know a great, ‘grammable ice cream shop, tag @music2mymouth to show us your pictures!

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