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So your friends have kids now…. Where to Meet For Lunch in Philly

Our answer: Milkhouse Grilled Cheese and Ice Cream.

IMG_4610 2If a five-year-old could dream up a restaurant, it would be filled with dragons, firetrucks, and mermaids. And the menu would look a lot like the menu at Milkhouse. Serving grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, and tomato soup with goldfish crackers, Milkhouse answers the question: Where do you meet your friends with kids for lunch in the city? Not only do they cater to a picky palate, adorable miniature counters and stools line the walls. Although the menu does offer a few salads, we suggest indulging your inner five-year-old and ordering something consisting of carbs and cheese. And, if your pride lets you, take a seat on a mini-stool.

Milkhouse has three locations: 19th Street, Suburban Station, and 30th Street Station. (Pssst….the one on 19th is next door to a bar in case you need a drink after…or before)

IMG_4543IMG_4574Our favorite thing about Milkhouse: the Instagramability (if its not a word yet, it will be soon). If it’s “likes” you’re after, we suggest ordering the Happy Birthday Cake Milkshake or the Strawberry Shortcake Milkshake. They’re big, colorful, and sure to make your followers jealous. Not craving something sweet? A good ol’ grilled cheese cheese-pull pic should do the trick. Happy Gramming, dairy lovers!

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