Welcome to Music2MyMouth, your one-stop-shop for greasy food, cheesy lyrics, silly restaurant reviews, and whatever else we think you’ll like! Here at M2MM, we focus on what is important to you: the food you eat, the music you relate to, and how pretty your Instagram is. Let us help you find the tastiest and most ‘instagramable” foods around. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to eat and laugh along with us.


Nice to meet you!

IMG_6416We’re Lori and Natalie, two foodies taking on the city of Philadelphia and the world beyond! In April 2015, we decided to put our passion and prowess to work, and thus @Music2MyMouth was born.

On our Instagram page we pair mouthwatering food pictures with sappy love song lyrics in an effort to express the fervent feelings we have for food. And the result is quite frankly hilarious.

Though we’re mainly Philadelphia and State College based, our travels carry us far and wide, and we always pack our appetites. Whether it’s pad thai from Thailand, gelato from Florence or a cheesesteak from Philly that you want to feast your eyes on, we’re serving it all.

All our content is meant to be lighthearted and laughable. At the heart of @Music2MyMouth is two girls making fun of themselves and their love of food, and trying to make the world a little hungrier and a lot happier.

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